This blog is primarily about overland travel and off-road adventure. I tend to throw in lots of related stuff too: interesting 4×4 vehicles for sale, travel-related videos and images from around the web, and trips we’ve taken alone or with friends, off-road or otherwise. I also like to post about skills that might be useful to the overland traveler like driving tips or how to build a great campfire.

Occasionally I’ll post about products and gear. When I do, there’s no sponsorship connection, I just post because it’s something that I think you might find useful or interesting.

That’s the whole point of this blog, really. We love to travel and I love writing about it. I publish this blog in the hope that you’ll find it useful and interesting too.

We’re based in the western part of Sonoma County, CA, hence the name, “West County Explorers Club.”

Happy travels,


Feel free to say hello: westcountyxclub at Gmail.