If this 1932 Rolls-Royce 20/25 Shooting Brake isn’t the world’s oldest SUV, it’s got to be close. True, it doesn’t have 4-wheel-drive but the shape is about right. This is a three-door model configured like the 1957 Chevy Crew Cab I posted a while back, that means one door on the driver’s (right) side and two on the passengers’ side. The vehicle is complete but has been sitting in barn for who knows how long, so a restoration is in order.

If you’re interested in a project, this relic of depression-era motoring is currently for sale in Connecticut by way of ebay. At the time of this writing, bidding stands at just a hair over $34,000 without having met reserve. The auction closes on May 15th, at about 5pm PST.

Once it’s restored you can say things like “C’mon lads! Let us head out into the back country for a spot of off-roading. We’ll have a jolly time!”

Don’t forget the bull bar and the lift kit. 😉

Here’s the Bring a Trailer listing.